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Meet Paddy Gollogly

A Practical Approach To Learning In The Field Of Quantity Surveying

Paddy Gollogly a Quantity Surveying Apprentice at work

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining our apprenticeship programme?

My name is Paddy Gollogly. After finishing my GCSE’s, I initially planned to leave school with aspirations of becoming an electrician. However, upon reflection, I decided to stay in school and complete my A levels. After acquiring three A Levels, I had no interest in going to university, as I wanted to earn a stable income. At that point, a friend recommended the Higher Level Apprentice scheme to me. This programme involves attending college one day a week while working for a company the remaining 4 days, all while earning a salary and working towards a degree simultaneously.

Upon discovering that Quantity Surveying was an option within this scheme, I promptly opted for it. This choice aligned with previous interest in working on a construction site and working towards a degree. The position at MTM Engineering stood out to me, as it blends my interest in the electrical field with a great balance between site and office work.

Can you share some key experiences of your apprenticeship journey?

Since joining MTM Engineering, I have gained some key skills and techniques within the electrical field. I have also developed strong independence in pricing high-end electrical jobs for the company, along with opportunities to travel throughout Europe and the UK. I have acquired significant knowledge in working with and understanding LV and MV cables, containment, and more recently busbar projects. This includes accurately pricing them and effectively managing the progress of the job, ensuring adherence to budgets and timelines.

Can you discuss the importance of mentorship in your journey?

The guidance provided by Kenneth Higgins, a Commercial Manager within MTM Engineering, has played a crucial role in shaping my journey during the first year of my quantity surveying apprenticeship. Working closely with Kenneth, a seasoned professional in the field has proven invaluable. Kenneth is very easy to understand and makes learning new tasks and skills very easy, whether through patient one-on-one support or allowing me to independently tackle tasks. The mentorship experience, has positively impacted my work output, enhanced my knowledge, and refined my skills.

What advice you would give to someone considering a similar apprenticeship path?

I would highly recommend pursuing the higher level apprenticeship scheme, as it provides you with a degree in a specific field of work while also allowing you to earn while you learn. Additionally, you gain invaluable on-the-job training every day.

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