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Meet Jack Molloy

A Journey From Classroom to Career in Quantity Surveying

Jack Molloy Quantity Surveryor Higher Level Apprentice
Jack Molloy - Higher Level Apprentice

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining our apprenticeship programme?

My name is Jack Molloy, and I am an apprentice quantity surveyor at MTM Engineering. Before starting my apprenticeship, I completed a 2-year course at Southern Region College (SRC) in engineering. This course was a good first step into a career in the electrical industry.

Can you share some key experiences of your apprenticeship journey?

I have been with MTM Engineering since June 2023, and since then, I have gained more experience than I could have imagined. The most significant new experience for me has been the opportunity to travel. Since starting, I have visited sites across Amsterdam and in Frankfurt. I have travelled to Germany countless times, and although it is challenging, it is very rewarding in the long run.

Can you discuss the importance of mentorship in your journey?

With MTM Engineering, there is a good balance between mentorship and independence. There is never a situation where you are struggling with something and feel that you can't go to various people for help or advice. I have worked closely with colleagues and superiors on different projects, gaining valuable experience from these interactions.

What advice you would give to someone considering a similar apprenticeship path?

I would encourage anybody to do an apprenticeship. Some people may feel put off because they think it's a big jump from A-Levels to go into full time employment, but I believe it's a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience. The hands-on experience gained during a higher level apprenticeship programme can make you more valuable to an employer once your qualified than someone with a traditional degree.

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