Global Safety Month | December 2019

As part of MTM Engineering's continuous commitment to preventing accidents/incidents and improving our overall safety performance, we are launching Global Safety Month from today, Monday December 2nd to Friday 20th.  This is to ensure our Teams Focus “Re-Focus” for the last three weeks of December, with the main priority that all our Team are “Home Safe for Christmas”.

Statistically the lead up to the festive holiday build up is a high-risk time for people as the festive period sets in and everyone is looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Many people rush to complete those critical tasks on site to finish up on time for the Christmas holiday period.

The MTM Global Safety Month Campaign across all our European sites is a critical part of promoting safe behaviours at work and reminding our team members to be mindful when undertaking their tasks on site for the remainder of 2019.


Week 1

Safe use of plant & equipment

MTM Global Safety Campaign FOCUS "RE-FOCUS" kicks off today with the week one topic "Safe Use of Plant". Plant & Equipment contribute to the many dangers on sites regardless of whether you use the plant or work around it, we all need to be mindful of the dangers. The following events will be taking place across all of our European Sites this week:

-Safety Presentation on Safe use of Plant to all Team members

-Weekly Focus on Safe use of Plant Activities

-Safety Awareness Posters displayed on each site referring to Safe Use of Plant

-Spot the Hazards Posters distributed on each site for team members to identify hazards from a specific scenario.


Week 1

Safe use of plant & equipment

MTM Engineering staff at the launch of our Global Safety Month 2019 campaign 'Focus Re-Focus, Home Safe for Christmas'.

The aim of our campaign is to ensure that all staff are safety focused during this busy period before Christmas.


Week 2

Live Power

It’s week 2 of our Global Safety Month Campaign, this weeks topic is Live Power. This week the aim is to focus minds on Live Power and the dangers of working in environment’s where live power is present. In a construction environment, there are a number of situations where workers can inadvertently come into contact with live services.


In the run up to Christmas we want to focus minds on the hazards of live power and eliminating unnecessary accidents/incidents and near misses. We want everyone #homesafeforchristmas